Lecture at Auckland Institute of Technology

Stephanie Springgay will be discussing The Pedagogical Impulse examining affective pedagogies, swarming, and the more-than-human.

The Ped­a­gog­i­cal Impulse is a research-creation project at the inter­sec­tions between social prac­tice, knowl­edge pro­duc­tion, ped­a­gogy, and “school.”

Propositions for Affect

The day will commence with a close examination of the readings through the technique “conceptual speed dating.” Following lunch we will break into two groups for further discussion and conclude by generating a series of “propositions” that address tensions, questions, and problems that surface in our conversations. There will be emissaries deployed and groups will be scattered. Creatively return to chaos!

Invent platforms for relation!: Propositions, according to Erin Manning (2013) do not give information as to how they function in concrete instances but gesture to how they could potentialize; propositions allow us to feel what may be; in that regard a proposition can be seen as both actual and speculative.